Woven polyester strapping features & industry uses

The safer & lighter steel strap alternative

Narrowtex Woven Polyester Strapping is safer, lighter and as strong as steel strapping. Our range is available in a wide variety of tensile strengths and widths to suit any requirements.

These strapping/cord/banding systems can be used in every type of load securing and is ideal for securing heavy or uneven loads. Whether inside or on top of rail cars, containers, shipping vessels, trucks, lorries, flat racks, open-top containers, or freight carriers, our woven polyester strapping is the safe and secure cargo ratchet tie-down option. Large industry use of our woven strapping includes the secure bundling of Timber / Lumber; this is also referred to as timber strapping.

Woven polyester strapping features

Large industry use of our woven strapping includes the secure bundling of Timber / Lumber; this is also referred to as timber/lumber strapping.

In addition to the timber/lumber industry, our woven polyester strapping is used for the securing of:

  • Machinery – engines, equipment
  • Steel and metal – pipes, sheeting
  • Engineering – lifting, machinery
  • Automotive – cars, parts in transit
  • Chemical and petrochemicals – drums, containers
  • Construction – brickyards, scaffold, precast, concrete product
  • Shipping – shipping crates, cargo inside containers, bundled loads
  • Vessels – irregular-shaped cargo, containerization
  • Transport and logistics – flat racks, rail cars, trucking
  • Food and beverage – securing and palletizing
  • Pulp and paper – bulk transportation
  • Plastics- piping, sheeting,
  • Export Packing – strapping cargo securement for export
  • Ports and terminals – lifting, packing and loading
  • Armed and defence forces – securement during transportations

At our production facility in Estcourt, South Africa, our up-to-date laboratory is used for continuous testing. By testing our strapping during different stages of production, we ensure consistent delivery of our superior products.

We also use accredited Labs for calibration i.e., tensile machines and have the calibration certificates issued by the accredited Lab.  When requested, we provide the following reports to our clients:

Tensile Test Report
COA – Certificate of Analysis
COC – Certificate of Conformance

These certificates list the customer specifications and the actual test results.


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