Narrowtex is a principal manufacturer of a wide range of quality industrial webbings, in various colours, widths, textures, materials and intricate designs. Our diverse experience in the designing and manufacturing field has enabled us to offer exquisite and unique designs. Due to the enormous diversity of patterns and colours available, Narrowtex custom designed webbings are exclusive to customer requirements, are very popular and manufactured within short lead-times. Narrowtex is a leading webbing supplier, and offers a wide standard range of webbings, available from stock.

Webbing used in Various Industries

  • Pet industry – pet collars and leashes
  • Fashion – footwear, trouser belts, waist bands, suspenders.
  • Sporting equipment – sports bags, ruck sacks, shoe bags
  • Luggage – casual bags, back packs, duffel bags, lunch bags, computer bags, handbags
  • Equestrian – saddlery
  • Military – clothing belts, Trucks, Bedding and Cartridge Belts
  • Food service
  • Outdoor – tents, awnings, canvas
  • Health Care – surgery, adjusting straps and wrist Braces.
  • Automotive – straps on cover, spare wheel straps.
  • Parachute – safety harnesses,
  • Lanyards
  • Furniture belts

Custom Designed Industrial Webbing

Webbing can be custom designed by the Narrowtex design team, by colour, pattern, material and width to promote company brand awareness.

Narrowtex Webbing Products

Pebble Weave Webbing

Narrowtex manufactures an assortment of pebble weave webbings, that is fabricated using high performance polypropylene fibres. Pebble weave webbing is available in various designs, colors and a thickness. Polypropylene webbing is a closely woven fabric made from strong fibres and therefore has a wide range of applications. Standard colors and widths are available from stock. Special requirements can be custom made

Plain Weave Webbing

Narrowtex is the primary manufacturer of light weight woven nylon and polypropylene webbing. Narrowtex offers a line of light weight nylon webbing in plain weave colours, available for immediate delivery. Light weight woven webbings are made using very strong and durable fibres to provide webbing of outstanding quality and performance.

Designer Webbing Suppliers

Narrowtex is the principal supplier and manufacturer of designer webbing. Offering an exclusive range of varying widths, colours, designs and patterns, Narrowtex has developed exceptional expertise in the field of designer webbing. Combined with technical expertise and technologically advanced equipment, any narrow fabric unique design is easily possible by the Narrowtex team. Each webbing pattern is individually designed to suit customer requirements, enabling advertising and brand awareness opportunities.

Jacquard Webbing

Jacquard webbing, is another line of webbings manufactured by Narrowtex, supplying an exclusive range made up of combination of different warp & weft in various colors using beautiful jacquard designs. Available in a multitude of designs, patterns and colors, these jacquard webbings, meet the demands of high-performance areas and are uniquely designed and constructed for high durability, cosmetic appeal and branding awareness.

Bulk Bag webbing

Narrowtex also produces webbing specifically for use in bulk bags. The webbing, made from polypropylene yarns, is stitched at the four corners of the bulk bag to aide in the filling and lifting of the bag. The Narrowtex bulk bag webbing is especially designed to help support the lifting and filling process of the bags.

Polyester Binding Tapes

Narrowtex manufactures woven tapes using high performance fibres like polyester. Designed in flat and tubular, these webbings are superior in terms of strength and light weight, thus used in various applications. Owing to the supreme quality and durability, polyester tapes can be dyed or can be also custom made for specific requirements.

Benefits of Narrowtex Webbing

  • Custom designed
  • Pattern and design of choice
  • Large colour range
  • Various widths and thickness
  • In house testing facility
  • Certified and approved products
  • Standard range from stock
  • Outstanding quality
  • Diverse uses