Established in 1969, Narrowtex is a company with a longstanding history, celebrating 50 years of manufacturing excellence. From past experience and technical expertise, together with premium quality standards, Narrowtex has developed into a well recognized establishment in local and international markets. Narrowtex is a member of SA BIAS Industries Pty Ltd.

NTX Group of companies

Narrowtex is committed to continuously improving company performance and remain a market leader in the narrow fabrics field, globally.


Narrowtex production facility in Estcourt

The Narrowtex production plant and head office is located in Estcourt, Kwazulu Natal, a serene, midland town in South Africa. Historically, the company has evolved and enlarged into one of the country’s largest exporters, with 55% of product volumes being distributed to Europe, USA and Australia.

Narrowtex is a fully integrated company with processes such as; warping, weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing, make-up and packaging. This also includes an up to date laboratory for continuous testing at different stages of production.